Medical Experts

The Doctor Expert brings together experts from various specialties:

Medical Doctors -MD | Physician Assistants -PA | Nurse Practitioners - NP |  Psychologists | Pharmacists | Podiatrists |  Dentists | 

With the use of technology, healthcare experts are accessible any time to answer important questions to other professionals who need their services: lawyers, vendors and media representatives. Having an expert on team has never been this easy and soon it will become an extremely important business strategy. Methods consulting provides creative problem solving through:                                             

1. Direct communication                                                                                                                               *Online conferences and webinars *Skype individual and group presentation *Telephone consulting *Face to face appointments                                                                              

2. Indirect communication  *General *E-books *Video lectures *Research papers *Specialized *Individual attention tailored to customer needs

Your top Expert  Resource

 At The Doctor Expert, you will have an opportunity to take control over your own listing and number of expert assignments. Whether you choose to accept an expert witness or a second opinion task, it is up to you.

We offer you numerous tools, such as your own Marketplace, Blog and Expert Ad services. To increase visibility, you can create an expert profile, upload your resume and post your research papers and publications. Even further, create your own ad in a Marketplace and get notified each time another professional service buys your consulting offer. You will work with other professionals, lawyers, vendors and media representatives and benefit from each other’s product and service offers.

Being listed as an expert on The Doctor Expert site has numerous advantages:

  1. Higher industry exposure and established presence on the web
  2. A chance to explore non clinical opportunities
  3. We will market your expertise to professionals who are looking for it, including lawyers, vendors and media representatives, companies and government agencies.
  4. Your information stays protected and shared only with potential clients.
  5. Your membership fee is 100% tax deductible as a membership in a professional organization